Our ordering process is as easy! You are 3 steps away from your dream display.

Your quality products and treasured possessions deserve the best possible display cabinet.  Whether you are a retailer, collector or a school or business looking to display something special, you need the ordering process to be simple and stress-free.

Our four-step process ensures you are supported from start to finish. The result – the cabinet you want, to create a beautiful custom display.

  1. Speak to our team. Our experienced team members will discuss your requirements down to the last detail, explaining the solutions to meet your needs. Our design team will create a cabinet to cater for your needs and requirements.
  2. Approved! Your design will hit our manufacturing floor for assembly. All our cabinets are manufactured and built here in Australia. Artisan Products has the fastest turnaround times in the market.
  3. With your bespoke display cabinet complete, it is dispatched for delivery. All cabinets arrive fully assembled and ready to install, anywhere in Australia. Installation is simple and can be carried out by anyone – we do include a cheat sheet to give you that final support.

Why take the risk of buying online when you can buy bespoke? With our display cabinets you can rest assured the quality, fit and look will be just what you are looking for.

Enquire today to see just how easy it is to order your own custom display cabinet.