Pharmacy Counters & Cabinets

Pharmacy counters & cabinets. “We offer you complete flexibility of design with either a square or radius suite framing structure, and even solid timber: all in any décor; any finish and colour. Your counters and cabinets are sure to compliment your store, no matter what the vogue or style. Service counters, dispensary counters, consulting desks, check-out counters, ‘Webster-pack’ benches, compounding benches, all with optimal functionality and highly durable materials combined with robust construction methods; they are all built to last. Endless options include fully adjustable shelves, drawers, slide-out printer shelves, script drawers, waste bin compartments, file drawers, etc. Incorporate your point-of-sale (POS) system into your service counters and dispensary counters and then optimise the display area to capture all those eager impulse buyers, and maximise their spend; never let a sale go begging.”

Service Counters

Dispensary Counters

ENDLESS OPTIONS INCLUDING: fully adjustable shelves; drawers; slide-out printer shelves; script drawers; waste bin compartments; file drawers.


Consulting Desks

Check-out Counters