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Museum display cabinets – We offer you complete flexibility of design with either a square or radius suite framing structure and even solid timber: all in any décor; any finish and colour. There’s no limit to the size of your cabinet; make it big, make it obvious. LED down-lighting, LED spot lighting and continuous LED strip lighting all help to create an ambience that cannot be explained, and will always be remembered as an unforgettable experience. So also, mirror panels and other special effects will all enhance the class and distinction of your display. The proprietary Artisan™ roller track system for sliding glass doors is our latest achievement, proving itself immensely successful. Highly durable materials combined with robust construction methods, ensure our cabinets are made to last; as standard, we always use a minimum of 6 mm thick glass. Safety glass is a must for these cabinets, making them safer and more secure; security is further enhanced by special cabinet locks on doors.”

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